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AcerSpacer/Saber Get Well by Tavor--21 AcerSpacer/Saber Get Well by Tavor--21
So I've had this done for a number of weeks now, but was waiting for the right time to get this up. The individual I drew this for is a Kiowa maintenance technician/future warrant officer who recently was involved in an accident and is in the process of healing up a broken collarbone. The reason I held off so long was due to it being a secret joint effort with FOB Equestria to put together a "care package" to send at once. Missed the suspense due to camera difficulties so I decided to wait until BronyCon to give him the chance to see the actual pencil and paper work and it was worth it. This took 46 hours to complete from start to finish -- most of it non-stop -- with more time to secretly gleam facts and knowledge from Acer on the inner-workings of the Kiowa OH-58D without divulging the project.

I brought this to BronyCon and showed it to many of the voice actors, show staff, vendors, and community members in attendance. I was even able to get Dusty Katt to sign it. I'm more than content that it turned out so well and the time was well spent putting it together.

I look forward to doing more and as a note to Acer: "You better heal up or Spitfire and I won't let you live it down and believe me I hold to what I say!!"
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August 6, 2013
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